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exerciseWhy is Exercise Important?
Have you ever heard the expression "use it or lose it"? It's true! If you don't use your body, you will surely lose it. Your muscles will become flabby and weak. Your heart and lungs won't function efficiently. And your joints will be stiff and easily injured. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking!

Life is busy. You know you should exercise to be healthy, but who has time. Also who is there to motivate you to actually get up and work out?

At Your Health Your Home, we come to your home and exercise with you to keep you fit. We can use your existing space to begin an exercise program or spice up your current workout with some of our equipment and routines. We work with you on your life changing goals and inspire you through a individualized training session. There are no quick and easy solutions but we will have fun while we work toward your goals. We help you develop habits to feel and be your best! Group training sessions, seniors, couples, family sessions are available. Get started today!

Benefits of at-home exercising:
• You don't need to drive anywhere we come to your home
• It may be more convenient for your schedule.
• You don't need to get dressed up.
• The shower is readily available.
• It's efficient because you don't have travel time.
• Removes the possible awkwardness of exercising in public.

Aging in Place

A term used to describe the act of living in the residence of choice as you age.
aging in place coupleAmericans of all ages value their ability to live independently. But without a plan to "age in place", it can be hard to stay in control of your life. Securing the necessary support & services in response to your changing personal need sounds simple enough, but for the millions of people who have (or will) choose to age in place, the reality can sometimes be anything but simple. We believe that people should be able to live where they wish, for as long as they are able, while controlling their quality of life.

Aging in place is a choice … sometimes

Many people will make a plan and preparations for their later years; but many others will not. As the saying goes, "people don’t plan to fail...they fail to plan". And, for others, planning will not come into play due to some unforeseen issue or situation. There is just no preparing for some things. None of us want to think about financial distress, decreased abilities, disease or other negative things happening. So the reality is, for some of us, staying in our home may not really be a choice; it will be a necessity.

Aging in PlaceHowever, you need to know there is hope. And, we believe a lot of that hope rests in the hands of small businesses like us.

Let us assist you by coordinating a local network of care that meets your changing needs. And, help you age-in-place successfully.

aging in place universal design bathroomBathroom Remodel for Seniors
This bathroom remodel was part of a larger kitchen and bath job for a retired couple who want to spend the rest of their lives in their home. This space was originally two bathrooms. One opened into …
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Age in Place Technology
Computers. Technology. The Digital age. Welcome to a new approach to aging in place – using technology to extend living in the home of your choice and contributing to the quality of your life. From computer games to challenge our brains, email and video conferencing to stay connected with family and friends to entire home ‘smart’ systems. Technology has a permanent and – exciting role in our lives. Specifically when it comes to Health, Home Automation, Security, Communications and Lifestyle.
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aging in place technology center

  valerie raucci
Valerie Raucci is a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), a
Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and a NYS licensed Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA).

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Success Stories

Niskayuna, New York: After two years in a nursing home, this Your Health Your Home client wanted to bring her husband home to enjoy their life at home together. Weighing facility expense and rehabilitation options against homecare services made this decision seem extremely logical. Adding new accessible shower and developing a care plan with the client made it possible to do what many people thought would be too difficult.

After a care coordination meeting in the facility, Valerie offered her advocacy and planning to help facilitate a discharge home. Developing a plan of action with the client and the team of professionals made it possible to do what many people thought would be too difficult or impossible.

We started with a portable ramp the installation of a barrier free shower by Best-Bath-Systems.

YHYH coordinated with the facility and an outside agency that the family selected to assure medical and non-medical services were in place. We arranged with a local home delivery services for medication, equipment and personal care items for the day of discharge. YHYH loaned the couple a portable ramp (free).

Today our clients are home together and enjoying the comforts of their home and sharing the final chapter of their lives in the place they love.

YHYH will also offer client Post Rehabilitation exercise following home physical therapy.

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Aging in Place Tips
What should my home contain if I want to age in place?
• A low- or no-threshold entrance to the home with an overhang
• No change in levels on the main floor
• Bright lighting in all areas, especially places like stairways
• A low-maintenance exterior
• Non-slip flooring at the main entryway
• An open floor plan, especially in the kitchen/dining area
• Floors and showers with non-slip surfaces

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