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Success Stories
success storiesWaterford, New York: Jana from Waterford called YHYH to develop an in home program for personal wellness. Jana had two weddings to attend and wanted to look her best. We are working on a plan of Nutrition “THE QUEEN” and Exercise “THE KING” …when paired together the results are amazing. Jana is strong and a hard worker and just loves to get moving and get it done. She is a very busy mom who owns her own business, so time is very precious to her and having exercise brought to her home works very well.

She has made exceptional progress and plans to rally the rest of the family to join her for a life of wellness.
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Schenectady, New York: Wanting to return home after several months in a nursing home, this YHYH clients friend contacted us to help develop a list of things required for keeping her friend safely in the home she loves….. YHYH provided new stairway handrails and safety bars at her front entry. We added the appropriate smoke and CO detectors along with some new light switches that help her to maneuver safely throughout her home.
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Cohoes, New York: Ann a lively 92 year old, called YHYH and wanted some exercise’s to keep her legs strong, some companionship and assist with small tasks around the home. Ann has no children and recognized the importance of developing a relationship with someone who could help advocate for her if something should happen to her medically.

Over the past several months we have been making plans for Ann to enjoy the final chapters of her life in her own home.

Now that is being proactive and realistic wouldn’t you say!

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Delmar, New York: After falling on a stairway and breaking her heal, This YHYH client contacted us for help.

She was unable to walk on her right foot for 3 months and was left sitting in her recliner not knowing what to do or even knowing what she could do.

YHYH went to her home to see if we could help her and now 6 months later she is stronger than ever and feeling much better overall. Mary and YHYH are teaming up together to develop a plan for healthy living and keeping strong. Mary is a 67 and truly remarkable woman who is an inspiration to all women who think they can’t do that. Because every time Mary tells me I can’t do that I prove her wrong and it keeps her going. I love that she will not quit and keeps on going.
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Niskayuna, New York: After two years in a nursing home, this Your Health Your Home client wanted to bring her husband home to enjoy their life at home together. Weighing facility expense and rehabilitation options against homecare services made this decision seem extremely logical. Adding new accessible shower and developing a care plan with the client made it possible to do what many people thought would be too difficult.

After a care coordination meeting in the facility, Valerie offered her advocacy and planning to help facilitate a discharge home. Developing a plan of action with the client and the team of professionals made it possible to do what many people thought would be too difficult or impossible.

We started with a portable ramp the installation of a barrier free shower by Best-Bath-Systems.

YHYH coordinated with the facility and an outside agency that the family selected to assure medical and non-medical services were in place. We arranged with a local home delivery services for medication, equipment and personal care items for the day of discharge. YHYH loaned the couple a portable ramp (free).

Today our clients are home together and enjoying the comforts of their home and sharing the final chapter of their lives in the place they love.

YHYH will also offer client Post Rehabilitation exercise following home physical therapy.

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